Gemini Man : an experience to absolutely see it in 3D at the cinema. It explains why

Gemini Man movie on 2 October.

In Gemini Man, the movies, October 2, Will Smith faces up to… Will Smith ! The actor of 51 years is being forced to fight with his double, 25 years younger ! A clash spectacularly filmed by Ang Lee, oscar-winning director of life of Pi, in 3D, 4K and 120 frames per second. Gemini Man is a must-see at the cinema. PRBK you why.

Forget the false 3D, which is trying to sell you regularly. It is important to know that most of the films offered in 3D are converted to 3D after they are finished so thatthe Avatar had been conceived and filmed in 3D. This is also the case of Gemini Man which is looking to push even more the limits of technology. The new Will Smith is not only in 3D but also in 4K and 120 frames per second.

Hadh ok but I’m not a researcher at Nasa. In French, it gives what ? Basically this means that Gemini Man is an experience to live on the big screen at the cinema. Its 3D, 4K and 120 frames per second give the impression of being literally absorbed by the film (usually the movies that we see have been shot at 24 frames per second. The 120 fps allows you more clarity, detail).

The action scenes sidérantes of realism

During the many sessions of action, you will have the impression of being at the side of Will Smith when the bullets flew, and grenades explode. When Will is in full chase on a motorcycle, you have the feeling of being on the bike and then propel the bike with him !

The action scenes are the great strength of Gemini Man in addition to the presence of Will Smith two times. “I am looking to offer a true cinematic experience to live the cinema” gave us Ang Lee’s visit to Paris. “Gemini Man is not a film made for your computer screen or your tv. It demands to be seen in 3D 4K at 120 frames per second because it has been designed for this format. This is the cinema of the future.”

Gemini Man, what is it about ?

Henry Brogan (Will Smith), a professional killer with extraordinary abilities, decides to retire. But he is suddenly attacked and pursued by a mysterious young agent, who can predict each of its movements. Henry Brogan will very quickly realize that this young officer is his look-alike with 25 years of less.

Junior, the young Will Smith

If Will Smith incarnates a agent adult, the young Will Smith is totally digital. Will Smith young has been recreated by computer to a rendering that has troubled the star of Bad Boys. “I couldn’t believe my eyes,” he confided during the pre-first american Gemini Man. “It was disturbing“.

We could not just rejuvenate Will Smith as do the films, “says Ang Lee. “Physically, it will not stuck. It was Junior, the young Will Smith, is as young of body, and that it is agile in his movements as an athlete of 25 years. The challenge has been to provide not only the body and the face of Will Smith but also his charisma. One of the action scenes between the two of them asked us 9 months of work for a realistic total“. Yes, one has the impression to see two Will Smith to the screen.

Will Smith’s more badass than ever

After Aladdin and before Bad Boys 3, Will Smith returns to action on Gemini Man. The shooting has been one of physical and the most difficult of his career. “This film would never have was able to be made without Will Smith, “says Ang Lee. “It’s someone adorable and extremely worker and volunteer. It is given at the bottom. It shows doubling on the screen“.

Gemin Man movie on 2 October.

Gemini Man : une expérience à absolument voir en 3D au cinéma. On vous explique pourquoi

Gemini Man with Will Smith.

Gemini Man : une expérience à absolument voir en 3D au cinéma. On vous explique pourquoi

Gemini Man with Will Smith.

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