“Generosity,” the leader of the militants ridiculed

«Щедрость» главаря боевиков подняли на смех

Beekeeper ordered to reduce the prices of whole chickens.

In the occupied part of the Luhansk region the leader of the so-called “LNR” Leonid beekeeper, which is a long time not seen in public, ordered to reduce the prices of whole chickens. However, such “generosity” was only Perevalsky district. The job was “head of administration” Vitaly Mikhailov, reports the Chronicle.info with reference on the Facts. In social networks immediately began to discuss this unexpected proposal.

“Brilliant! This Nobel prize. But let me ask: why only in Perevalsk district? And in Lutuginskaya what – not to reduce? How so? In one particular area of communism, and the other – the rampant predatory speculators?”, writes on Twitter the blogger Denis Kazansky.

Other users of the social network also left a lot of caustic comments “kurmanchal”.

“Enough to feed Lutugino! Thank Perevalsk! Re-Fe-Ren-dum!”

“The price of frozen chicken ass fell on the commodity exchange”. “Nedostrana huge, from all areas not to lower the price…”.

“The second order of the beekeeper to move out of the Perevalsky region of all who are “spoiled meat” and bring in their place a conservative vegetarians. Third. To ban the export of poultry outside of the area, “smugglers, and agents provocateurs” to punish the session of sodomy and aggressive sodomy”.

“Fierce game. With the pace damn America will overtake and Casiopea will fly first.”

“The capital is moved Perevalsk, Perevalsk gets veto power in the UN security Council, the mayor of Perevalsk says the German Chancellor and the President of the United States. Well this is Perevalsk”.

“So will the deficit,” concludes one Twitter user.

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