George Clooney turns down $ 35 million contract on moral grounds

George Clooney refuses $ 35 million contract for moral reasons

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In an interview with The Guardian , George Clooney admitted to turning down an insane amount for a day of filming for an airline commercial.

The American actor admitted to refusing a salary of 35 million dollars for a single day of filming; after a discussion with his wife Amal, he declined the offer.

He said in an interview for The Guardian : “Yes, I was offered the sum of $ 35 million for a day of filming for an airline commercial. However, I did discuss it with Amal and we concluded that it was not a good idea. It was for a country, even if it is an ally, whose choices are questionable. “

During this same interview, the star of the film Gravity confided in passing as much time as possible with his twins.

He shared, “We have a nanny who comes four days a week and the rest of the time it's just Amal and me. During confinement, that was us for a whole year! It reminded me of my mother in 1964 cooking or doing six laundry runs a day. “

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