George Floyd said that the police were going to “kill”

George Floyd a dit que les policiers allaient le «tuer»

George Floyd was repeated more than twenty times that he could not breathe, speaking of his children and his mother and saying that the police officers who kept the ground going to “kill”, just before he succumbs when he was arrested in Minneapolis, according to documents of justice.

Floyd, a black american, 46 years old, died on may 25, when a white policeman has pressed his knee on his neck for nearly nine minutes while he was handcuffed to a flat belly. His death has sparked many protests in the United States and the world against racism and police brutality.

On a video filmed by a passer-by, became viral after his death, we can see the victim and hear him scream “I can’t breathe”.

But a transcript taken from the individual cameras of the police officers involved, filed Tuesday at a court in Minnesota by one of them, reveals new details on this drama.

During his arrest, Floyd has begged the officers not to place him in the police vehicle because, he said, it was claustrophobic and difficult physical. While they were trying to force their way in, Floyd cried out that he could not breathe and that he would “die in there”.

Then, according to the transcript, he said: “Mom I love you. Tell my children that I love them. I am death”. He mentioned his mother and his children several times by the continued and repeated more than twenty times, “I can’t breathe”.

The police tell then to “relax”, that “it is well” and that it “speaks normally”. When he says that they are going to kill him, Derek Chauvin, who was charged with murder to be kneeling on the neck of Floyd, he responds by shouting: “Then stop talking, stop crying, it requires a sacred amount of oxygen to speak.”

The last words of the victim: “They will kill me. They are going to kill me. I can’t breathe”.

This transcript has been filed by the police officer Thomas Lane to try to get the judge to drop charges against him for complicity in the murder. Charges identical weight on the other two officers, Alexander Kueng and Tou Thao.

The four police officers have been returned since the day after the death of Floyd. They may all be up to forty years in prison.

Floyd had been arrested that day for attempting to use a ticket for 20 dollars counterfeit.

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