George Floyd, the “gentle giant” death at the hands of the american police

George Floyd, le «doux géant» mort aux mains de la police américaine

Minneapolis | He had left Texas to start a new life in Minneapolis, in the north of the United States. But George Floyd, the black American is described as a generous man, who lost his job during the crisis due to the pandemic, is dead face against the ground, the neck under the knee of a white policeman.

“Everyone loved my brother,” said Philonese Floyd Tuesday, the day after this death that has sparked protests in several cities and renewed calls to end racism “systemic” in America.

“It is a gentle giant”, he said to CNN. “It never does harm to anyone”.

The deceased, who was 46 years old, had initially found work as a truck driver in Minnesota, and then as a security guard in a restaurant, the Conga Latin Bistro, before the containment door, a blow to the business.

“It made us feel that we are in safety,” testified Luz Maria Gonzalez, a regular customer of the establishment, with public radio NPR. “At the end of the evening he said, “Hey Luz, I’ll wait with you until you get in the taxi.””

Others have mentioned the not that was George Floyd, to improve his life.

“I remember he said, he wished to touch the world. He wanted to have an impact on the world,” said Jonathan Veal, a childhood friend, to the chain KPRC in Houston, where they went together in high school Jack Yates.

From a height of two meters, George Floyd had shone in basketball and american football, and was also tried at hip-hop.

But he had eventually left Houston without being able to find work there.

Mr. Veal said that he had exchanged with his friend for the last time in January, by SMS.

“There are small things that I have to settle for my little”, had written George Floyd. “My faith is in the process of going back to where it should be.”

But on 25 may, as shown in a video of several minutes became viral, George Floyd died after a police officer pressed his knee on his neck while he was on the ground in the street, unarmed and handcuffed.

“Please, please, I can’t breathe”, the hear-say.

The police suspected him of having used a counterfeit $ 20 to buy cigarettes, after that the employee of a grocery store, had called the 911 emergency number.

“Change his life”

For Bridgett Floyd, the death of his brother as well, in the hands of the police, “is to break the heart”.

“This is exactly what they have done. They killed my brother. He cried out to help,” she told NBC News.

Four police officers have been sacked after the death of George Floyd. Derek Chauvin, who has kept his knee on his neck, was arrested Friday and charged with manslaughter.

George Floyd “was nothing less than an angel sent to earth,” responded his girlfriend, Courtney Ross from CBS News.

“And we’ve demonized, and we have killed him”, she said.

George Floyd was, according to the american media, two children. Roxie Washington, the mother of his six year-old girl in Houston, described him as a devoted father.

“Because he was so big, people thought that he was looking for the fight”, she said, quoted by the Houston Chronicle.

“But it was a loving person, and he loved his daughter.”

One of the long-time friends of George Floyd, Stephen Jackson, became a top star in the NBA. What has not changed their friendship, assures the athlete.

“It was called the Twin (Twin)”, told Mr. Jackson, visibly moved, in a video on Instagram.

“He was changing his life”, and are moving to Minnesota for work in order to meet the needs of her children, he explained.

“My guys did everything they needed, and they’d have killed him.”

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