George Martin ambiguously spoke about the series finale of “Game of thrones”

The writer believes that he has more time to make a good final

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Джордж Мартин неоднозначно высказался о финале сериала "Игра престолов"

“Game of thrones”

The famous American writer George RR Martin told me what his final series of books “a Song of Ice and fire” and the last 8 season of the series “Game of thrones” will be different. As you know, the 6 series of season 8 of “Game of thrones” is already out and angered the audience.

Ukraine has called the popular series:

The writer noted in his blog that at that time, as the creators of the series was only six hours for the finale, he will be three thousand handwritten pages.

Джордж Мартин неоднозначно высказался о финале сериала "Игра престолов"

“Game of thrones”

“I work in quite other terms than David and Dan. They had six hours in this last season. I expect that my two latest books will fill 3000 pages of manuscript, before I’m done… and if you need additional pages, chapters and scenes, I’ll add them,” wrote Martin.

Also the author of a cycle of novels has announced several other characters that never appeared in Game of thrones, but there in his books.

“There are characters who never appeared on screen, and others who died in the series, but still live in the books… And Yes, there are unicorns, in a way,” said the writer.

Martin also noted that he considers a stupid question about the “real” ending of the television show, and offers easy to read his books: “How about this? I write, you read. Then everyone can decide and debate about it on the Internet”.

We will remind, the premiere of episode 6 of season 8 of the series “Game of thrones” in the United States was watched by more than 19 million people. Thus the series “Game of thrones” set a new record. HBO after the final episode of the popular American series “Game of thrones” will show another film. The trailer for this documentary film called “game of thrones: the Last patrol” published on the YouTube channel Game of Thrones.

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