Germany: a project of attack of islamophobia inspired by Christchurch foiled

Allemagne: un projet d'attaque islamophobe inspiré de Christchurch déjoué

BERLIN | A man was placed in custody in Germany after being announced on the internet that he was going to commit an attack against muslims inspired by the one in Christchurch (New Zealand), announced Monday the central Office for the fight against terrorism.

The suspect, aged 21, was taken into custody Saturday after being arrested in Hildesheim (Lower Saxony). Weapons, which “could have been purchased to execute his plans of attack”, were discovered at his home, said the Office in a press release.

This man had announced during an online discussion on the internet that he was preparing an attack against muslims, inspired by the one committed in march 2019 to Christchurch, during which 51 people were killed in two worship places. “He had the intention to act in the same manner”, according to the Office.

Investigators police officers were also found on his electronic devices “files to contents of the extreme right”.

The terrorism of the extreme right is considered by the German authorities as the number one threat weighing on the country’s security.

Several attacks have been carried out in recent months. In June 2019, an elected conservative favorable to the reception of migrants has been murdered at home. The suspect is close to the movement neo-nazi.

In October 2019, the day of Yom Kippur, a man, also close to the extreme right, had tried to enter a synagogue in Halle to commit a massacre. Because he was unable to enter the place of worship, he had killed a bandwidth and an employee of a resto-bar, before being arrested.

In February in Hanau, near Frankfurt, a man killed nine people, all of foreign origin, in several shoot-outs for bars, shisha, before killing himself.

Other attacks of this type could, however, be thwarted in recent months.

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