Germany: arrest of a suspected killer of the elderly

Germany: Suspected Elderly Killer Arrested


German authorities announced on Wednesday the arrest of a 31-year-old Serb suspected of killing at least two pensioners at Schwäbich Hall in the southwest of the country, for reasons yet to be determined . 

His arrest took place on Tuesday, after “the seizure of several pieces of evidence including the alleged weapon” of the murders, said Aalen police chief Reiner Möller, without specifying the nature.

He is accused of murdering a 77-year-old woman in December, then another 89-year-old last week. The two victims were found dead in their apartment.

The man, who arrived in Germany in December with his family, “has not yet spoken” on the charges against him, added the Heilbronn prosecutor Harald Lustig, competent in this case, during a conference of press.

In the case of the first victim, the investigators believe that the motive was undoubtedly theft, given the disappearance of property worth at least 1,000 euros, said Mr. Lustig. For the second, the collection of clues continues.

The police are also investigating the possible responsibility of the suspect in the recent attack on an 83-year-old man, whom he allegedly threatened with a firearm. fire in his apartment to steal money from him.

It was after this incident that the police were able to establish a composite portrait of the alleged attacker, leading to his arrest.

Police are also verifying a possible link to the murder of another 94-year-old, dating back to 2020.

Parallels include the fact that all three lived in the same perimeter, and that they were killed on a Wednesday.

These events have caused a strong feeling of insecurity among the elderly in the city.