Germany : police officers injured in confrontations with people placed in quarantine

Allemagne : des policiers blessés dans des affrontements avec des habitants placés en quarantaine

Several police officers were injured Saturday in clashes with the inhabitants of a building in Göttingen in central Germany, placed in quarantine after 120 residents on the 700 had been reported to be positive in the coronavirus, announced on Sunday the police.

The scenes of violence erupted when a group of inhabitants of the residential complex have attempted to force a passage through the metal barrier put in place to maintain home to 700 residents in order to stop the spread of the coronavirus.

Some threw stones, bottles and wooden battens on the police, has told to journalists the chief of police of Göttingen Uwe Luehrig.

The inhabitants of the residence had been placed in quarantine Thursday after the discovery among them of two cases of contamination. Friday, 120 people had been declared positive.

Göttingen is one of the foci of contamination that have emerged in Germany since the lifting in may of the restrictions imposed because of the epidemic. More than 1 300 employees of a slaughterhouse on a total of nearly 7 000 had been declared positive in North Rhine-Westphalia. “We can’t exclude a containment general “, said on Sunday the head of the government of this land, Armin Laschet.

Several clusters, or foci of contamination, in Germany and also in France, have highlighted working conditions or housing, increasing the risk of the spread of the coronavirus, including in slaughterhouses.

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