Germany: pressure on police to reinforce on the far right

Allemagne: la pression policière se renforce sur l'extrême droite

BERLIN | For the first time, a regional federation of the entire party of the German extreme right, that of Brandenburg, has been placed under police surveillance because of his radicalism, announced Monday the local authorities.

All the structures of the Alternative for Germany (AfD) in this Land that surrounds the capital Berlin, and where the movement was came second in regional elections in 2019 with 23.5% of votes, becoming “a suspect case and an object of surveillance” by domestic Intelligence, has indicated to the AFP the local ministry of the Interior.

This treatment, struck with the seal of infamy in Germany, is restricted to small groups or organisations considered likely to present a threat to democracy and the rule of law.

It comes in addition to a similar decision already taken by the German authorities in march and aimed, then, at the national level, the fringe of the most radical within the AfD, called “The Wing” and close to neo-nazis.

One of the representatives of the movement, Andreas Kalbitz, has long led the federation of the AfD in Brandenburg, before being recently excluded from the party for having concealed his membership passed to a small group of neo-nazi.

However, it continues to exercise a great influence and is contesting before the courts the exclusion, decided under the impulse of some leaders of the party wishing to keep a respectable image.

The AfD had made an irruption spectacular on the national political scene in September 2017 when the last legislative elections, becoming the main opposition force. But the movement has plateaued for in the polls and internal rivalries have erupted in recent months between current radicals and moderates.

The government accuses the party of having encouraged by his speeches on the anti-migrants, the upsurge in terrorism of the extreme right that is recognized in the country.

On Tuesday, the trial of a sympathizer neo-nazi, perpetrator of the murder a year ago of a responsible policy promigrant, is to open in Frankfurt.

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