Germany: the “Rambo of the black Forest” stopped after six days of manhunt

Allemagne: le «Rambo de la Forêt noire» arrêté après six jours de chasse à l’homme

BERLIN | German police announced on Friday that it put the hand on a suspect heavily armed, accused of seizing weapons of service of police officers, after a man hunt in the black Forest, which has mobilized for six days, hundreds of members of the security forces, supported by helicopters.

Yves Rausch, a 31-year-old dubbed the “Rambo of the black Forest” by the German press, was found sitting in the woods thanks to a report given by two witnesses. “With four arms visible in front of him,” says Jürgen Rieger, who has directed the operation of research.

The fugitive also had an axe on her knees, as well as another weapon, and there was a letter in front of him, said Mr. Rieger.

It has been slightly injured during his arrest, as well as a member of the special forces, which presents a cut inflicted by an axe.

Rausch ran off into the forest on Sunday after you managed to disarm four police officers, triggering in the south-west of Germany, this large-scale operation of the forces of the order with thermal imaging cameras, supported by helicopters and police dogs.

Over 2,500 members of the security forces had raked the area.

“After several days of research to find Yves Rausch, who went into hiding in the woods around Oppenau, the police managed to stop” the thirty-year-old and to grasp the ” four firearms “, said a press release from the police.

The police had been informed Sunday morning that a suspicious male had been seen near a hut in the forest near the town of Oppenau. The four police officers sent to the scene to conduct an inspection indicated that it was in the first time shown to be cooperative when they are approached.

But ” suddenly and completely unexpectedly “, he threatened police with a weapon, forcing them to lay down their weapons before grabbing them and running away.

The police had previously warned that it could also be armed with a bow, arrows and a knife.

The prosecutor of Oppenau, Herwig Schaefer, had described on Tuesday, Yves Rausch as a “fan of guns” that has a “great affinity” with the weapons.

The suspect has a long history court, accused of offences such as the illegal carrying of weapons, theft of, or attacks that caused injury.

In 2010 he had been sentenced a prison sentence after having seriously wounded a friend with a crossbow.

The police had discovered pornographic material of a paedophile on his laptop during a survey in 2019 for possession of explosives.

Investigators had initially said they did not suspect the motivations of the far-right or political in nature. But they have then revealed that he had been sentenced to a penalty converted at the age of 15 years for incitement to hatred. He had changed the letters on an inscription of a youth organization so that it reads ” Juden weg “, that is to say, ” Jews out “.

According to them, he had made a fake bomb and was known for his remarks anti-semitic and for the use of swastikas and other nazi symbols.

Homeless since the fall of 2019, it was installed in the cabin where he was spotted Sunday.

During the hunt, the kindergartens and the outdoor swimming pool of the resort had been closed as a precaution by the municipality of Oppenau, who had referred to a ” dangerous situation “.

The forest walks and outdoor activities had been prohibited, and aerial surveys of the region hanging.

Rausch will be examined by a psychiatrist because of the “seriousness of the offense,” and of its past, said Mr. Schaefer.

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