Germany to deliver field hospital to Ukraine

Germany to deliver field hospital to Ukraine


Germany will deliver a “field hospital” to Ukraine, the scene of a crisis between Westerners and Russians, in February, German Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht announced on Saturday. 

“I can understand that people want to support Ukraine, that's exactly what we are already doing”, assures the minister in an interview published in the Sunday version of the newspaper Die Welt.

“Thus, a complete field hospital will be delivered in February, with the necessary (staff) training”, she announces, specifying that the cost for Germany would amount to 5.3 million euros.< /p>

“We have also already provided respirators,” says Lambrecht, adding that Germany was “already treating seriously injured Ukrainian soldiers in (the) hospitals of the Bundeswehr”, the German army.

“So we are on the side of Kiev. We must now do everything in our power to defuse the crisis,” she summarizes.

Germany, however, rejected the idea of ​​delivering arms to Ukraine, saying it would only escalate tensions.

According to Ms. Lambrecht, “arms deliveries would not currently contribute to defuse the crisis, and this position has “consensus within the federal government” led by Olaf Scholz.

The minister also issues a warning to the Russians regarding Mali.

L he arrival of mercenaries from the Russian Wagner group in Mali “will have consequences”, warns Ms. Lambrecht.

“Moscow will not be able, by sending mercenaries, to induce the West to withdraw almost automatically wherever Russia does not want to see us. We won't give in, we won't make things so easy for the Russians,” she insisted.

The German minister also warned the junta in power in Mali that “if we want the Bundeswehr remains in the country, we must also ensure that the conditions are good”.

“Our soldiers must be able to move freely and be protected as well as possible”, underlines Ms. Lambrecht, judging it unacceptable “that the elections are suspended for five years or that it (the junta) collaborates with mercenaries who are guilty of serious human rights violations”.

Mali refused earlier this week , in retaliation for the sanctions decided at the beginning of January by the organization of West African States, the overflight of its territory to a plane of the German army which was going to Niamey.

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