Germany will help Kyiv “win” the war, promises defense minister

Germany will help Kyïv


Germany will support Ukraine to “win” the war against Russia, despite the absence at this stage of a decision on the thorny issue of Leopard tank deliveries to Ukraine, the German Defense Minister said on Tuesday. 

“We support Ukraine so that it does not lose, so that it wins this war against Russia,” Boris Pistorius said in an interview on German television ZDF.

“ Germany is doing more for this than any ally except the United States,” he defended.

The German government is under increasing pressure to allow its NATO allies to deliver German-made Leopard heavy tanks to Ukraine, which Kyiv has requested to fight the Russian army.

“I understand the worries and fears of the Ukrainian friends. Germany has a special responsibility and role,” Mr. Pistorius admitted.

But “we have to think carefully about what we can do,” he said, repeating that Berlin did not want to go it alone.

The Minister is meeting the NATO Secretary General on Tuesday to discuss this issue in particular.

Poland and Finland have offered to deliver Leopards that they own, but need official approval from Berlin for re-export. 

But German Chancellor Olaf Scholz has 'now refused to comment on the question of these indirect deliveries, just like on that of directly supplying Leopards from German stocks.

Warsaw has increased the pressure by announcing that it has transmitted an official request to Berlin , while assuring that she was ready to do without the approval of her still undecided neighbor.

Despite these tensions, “there is no break within the alliance”, Mr. Pistorius asserted.

“If the decision takes one, or two days, that's it,” he added, responding to criticisms of the supposed slowness of decision-making German.

Fear of a military escalation with Moscow and Berlin's reluctance to assume leadership in the Western camp lead Germany to hesitate on the dispatch of these weapons requested by Kyiv, according to analysts.