“Get me out of here!”: Colette Provencher came out stronger

“Get me out of here!”: Colette Provencher came out stronger


When we told her about the new reality show “Get me out of here!”, Colette Provencher hesitated a lot. 

“I had zero self-confidence […], but everyone told me it was for me. Little Colette inside said to herself “are sick of telling me that”, she confided during her appearance on the show “L’agenda LCN”, last Sunday.

C' It was finally under the encouragement of those close to her that the weather presenter found the strength to dive into this adventure as striking as it is unforgettable, which also changed her.

“There is a part of me that is completely transformed,” she argued.

“Me who I am every day, what I think; there is nothing that has changed on that level, but the fears that I had, the fears that I had and all that I had to face, there is something in that that is completely transformed “, she then clarified.

Help rather than competition

For Colette Provencher, the The strength of this reality show lies in its concept, which encourages mutual aid and surpassing oneself, rather than competition with others.

“I could not have taken part in a competition where I would have put in front of someone or against someone that I almost have to push to settle down and take my steps,” she said.

Shot last July in the heart of the Costa Rican jungle, “Get me out of here!” is the Quebec adaptation of the hit British format “I’m a Celebrity… Get MeOut of Here!”. Jean-Philippe Dion and Alexandre Barrette are in charge.

Colette Provencher has played for Maison Source Bleue, which offers palliative care, and the Mira Foundation.

  • “Get me out of here!” airs Sundays on TVA at 6:30 p.m.