“Get rid of two metres for the children”, request a pediatrician

While the déconfinement of the different sectors is ongoing in Quebec, it is high time to “re-life” in the lives of children by eliminating the distancing physics of two meters in less than 14 years, according to the paediatrician at the hospital Sainte-Justine, Jean-François Chicoine.

It is unequivocal when it comes time to think about how to approach the next few months of youth in quebec : a return to normal is more than desirable, it is necessary.

“Get rid of the two meters for the children, especially for children below 14 years of age”, pleaded he.

Dr. Chicoine would also like to see the public health to allow the educators in the daycare stick the kids, while leaving it to them to decide if they need to not wear the mask and protective visor.

“The two meters, one is convinced that it is not involved in the pandemic and we would like the children to be able to regain this freedom away,” says the pediatrician.

The elimination of the directive of the two meters in the young, the population with the least risk to the COVID-19, would also facilitate much the organization of day camps this summer, talks about the Dr. Chicoine.

“For three or four months, children are able to be in brackets in their development, but if we stretched it, we are going to create scars on a secondary far more serious than the COVID-19,” he says.

School “face-to-face”

Pediatricians agree to emphasize the importance of a back-to-school in-person in the month of September in order not to impoverish the development of the children.

This call seems to have been heard by Quebec, which was not in its plans to resume the remote school full-time.

“The school is not just academic in a child’s development, it is also his identity, him compared to the others, it is a human contact”, says Dr. Chicoine.

“There are opportunities for development that do will be back not”, he adds, such as the ability of a child to make friends or to develop her self-esteem.

It is therefore imperative to his eyes to go back to school in person, leaves to “make small adjustments” such as holding classes in larger spaces in order to maintain a certain social distancing among students.

“Already, the children have done their part,” says Dr. Chicoine. They have still not been thanked by our prime minister. I invite him to do it!”

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