Getting to know Montreal: here are three ideas for guided tours

Getting to know Montreal: here are three ideas for guided tours


Montréal is a big city that often attracts many tourists, but do the locals really know their metropolis? There will be time to discover it this spring thanks to three unique guided tours. 

These tours organized by Héritage Montréal will allow you to explore the eastern part of downtown by value of its institutions, commercial complexes and cultural landmarks. Participants will have the chance to learn more about the evolution of this sector between the 19th and 21st centuries.

Here are the three circuits presented this spring:

1. In the footsteps of a faubourg (April 25, May 4, 16 and 25, 2023)

During this visit, you can learn more about the Faubourg Saint-Laurent, a historical component of the sector. “Although having undergone major interventions since the 1950s, this sector retains traces of its evolution, which are revealed when we dwell on the play of scale of contemporary buildings and facilities”, it was mentioned. .

2. Major modern construction sites (April 27, May 9, 18 and 30, 2023)

Habitations Jeanne-Mance, Place des Art and Complexe Desjardins are all major construction sites that have contributed to the modernization of the sector. “These new complexes modify the urban fabric of a sector that was then highly residential. The various poles – commercial, institutional and cultural – have since been integrated into its singular landscape.”

3. The architecture of entertainment (May 2, 11 and 23, June 1, 2023)

We know that Montreal is a city where culture and entertainment shine. But it is not only on the stage that art appears. “From the first French-language theaters, including the Monument-National, to the gambling houses and cabarets associated with Montreal’s Red Light, the east end of downtown has been shaped by the world of entertainment. The construction of Place des Arts confirms the cultural vocation of the area, now known as the Quartier des spectacles.”

Thanks to this third itinerary, it will be possible to discover the architecture that marked the cultural universe of the city.