Giant lion: scientists shocked by the discovery of a new species of predators

20 million years ago these animals were the dominant carnivorous creatures

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Гигантский лев: ученые шокировали открытием нового вида хищников

Found the remains of the giant mammal

Paleontologists from Ohio University (USA) have discovered a new species of giant prehistoric predators. Presumably, we are talking about the incredible size of the lion that lived in the vast East Africa about 20 million years ago.

The find was made in one of the boxes in the storerooms of the National Museum in Nairobi (Kenya). Scientific expedition excavated the remains in the West, Kenya in the late 1970-ies, but the bones did not immediately investigated, and put in a drawer and forgotten. Found them in 2017, since then, studied and just now found out that we are talking about a large opening.

The unknown predator fossil was given the scientific name Simbakubwa kutokaafrika that translated from one of the official languages of Kenya, Swahili, means “large African lion.” However, some researchers believe that we are talking about the extinct group of mammals, which is called Anodonta – their fangs resemble the main “weapon” of modern hyenas. 20 million years ago these animals were the dominant carnivorous creatures. However, they have no relation to hyenas.

Scientists hope that this discovery will help clarify the mystery of the disappearance of Anodonta.

“Judging from the massive fangs, it can be assumed that Simbakubwa was superpotent animals and significantly surpassed the size of a modern lion and perhaps even a polar bear,” – said in this regard, the paleontologist Matthew Bors, who, along with colleague Nancy Stevens has been unusual fossil remains.

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