Gims, Dadju, and Alonzo unveil their next bad boys in the clip “10/10”

Clip “10/10” : Maître Gims surrounds Dadju and Alonzo

After “Transcendence”, Gims (formerly Maître Gims) has released a new re-release of his album “black Belt”, “Decade”, in which we find the song 10/10 in feat with Dadju and Alonzo. The interpreter of Bella has just unveiled the clip where the three artists reveal their side bad boys.

Gims, Dadju, and Alonzo can be found in the clip 10/10

This is not the first time that Gims, Dadju, and Alonzo are all working three together : they are associated on the song My pride in 2017. Two and a half years after, they find themselves on “Transcendence”, the first reissue of the album “Black Belt” of Maître Gims : the member Sexion Assault had invited his little brother, and rapper from marseille on the title 10/10 in which the clip has just been unveiled.

Dadju, Alonzo and interpreter of Miami Vice put a beautiful woman in a value and declare their love : “I felt the smell before you know who it was, I put a ten on ten / I guessed its forms, through the darkness, I put a ten on ten / When she said my name, her sweet voice went right through me, I put a ten on ten / To say the truth, his beauty, I was tired, we’ll put a ten on ten.

All the feats of “Black Belt” and its re-releases

In addition to Dadju and Alonzo, Gims has also worked with Vianney (The Same), Niro (This is not the rap), Sofiane (Loup garou), Orelsan (The night is made for sleep), Lil Wayne (Corazon), Quincy (Chameleon), Maluma (Hola Senorita), J Balvin (Pirate), Vitaa (In secret), Sting (Rest) and DJ Assad (Te Quiero) on the “Black Belt” and its re-releases, “Decade” and “Transcendence”. That’s beautiful world !

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