Gims : how he met his wife DemDem

Gims : comment il a rencontré sa femme DemDem

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Gims : how he met his wife DemDem

It has now been 14 years that Maître Gims sharing his life with his wife DemDem, whom he met in 2005 and with whom he had 4 children. But how are they met ? While the former member of Sexion Assault is a mysterious one about her relationship, we know more about their encounter.

If Maître Gims sharing the life of his wife DemDem for over 14 years now, it remains fairly mysterious about their relationship. Indeed, it is only in 2016 that the wife of the singer with glasses unveiled officially on his face. And yet, they know each other since 2005. They had the coup de foudre when they met in 2014 before getting married in the same year. Since then, they have had 4 children. “We fell in love. (…) We knew very quickly that we wanted to spend our lives one beside the other and found a family”, had written in his autobiography, refers to the sun who has recently clashed with Maes.

How to Master Gims and DemDem met

But how are they met ? A question without answer, to broadcast the historic concert of Gims at the Stade France in early November on TMC. “This concert at the Stade de France, that of the consecration for Gims, could not exist without his wife, Demdem, met at a concert in the early 2000s, when they were only teenagers.”, reveals the off-screen voice, which adds “Demdem and Gims were married from the first year of their meeting, so that the singer was only 19 years old. Since then, the couple had four children.”

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