Gims reveals the hidden face of the celebrity in the clip, “The price to pay”

Clip The “price to pay” : Maître Gims sheds light on the drawbacks of fame

After “Transcendence”, Gims (formerly called Master Gims), will be released on December 6, 2019, a new re-release of his album “Black Belt” entitled “Decade”. Waiting for the day J, member Sexion Assault unveils the clip of the Price to pay, in which he highlights the disadvantages of celebrity.

For Gims, the pause is not for everyone. Last September, the brother of Dadju announced his desire to take a break after her concert at the Stade de France, which took place on 28 September : “I think I’ll stop there, at the end of the year. Because I want to enjoy (…) I want to do three months without doing anything, to have a routine like everyone else.” It appears to have finally decided to shift his rest period since it will be on tour in 2020 and is about to release “Decade”, “the last installment” of the “black Belt”, to celebrate its 10-year career.

“There are things that we really regret”

The program ? Four unreleased tracks, This is not rap with Niro, Te Quiero with DJ Assad and Duratha Dora, Full Na Full and Like a shadow. See you December 6, 2019, to listen to them. Waiting for the release of the new re-release of his album, Gims unveils the clip of her as The price to pay, excerpt from “Transcendence”, in which he reveals the hidden face of the music industry. We discovered it in a house of discs (represented in the video as the devil) to sign his contract before his freedom disappears.

The interpreter of Miami Vice sees his life change : it is no longer the master of its facts and gestures, is being chased by the paparazzi, is estranged from his family and made the cover of major magazines. The fame, therefore, is not as cool as what we believe : “We make things that we really regret the time I took an oath / I’ve done it sincerely / We have not forgotten, stupidly / I dream of a life where I fall asleep wisely / I am aware that I owe you so much, “says Maître Gims in The price you pay. Internet users are quite surprised to face this truth.

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