Gino Chouinard will leave “Salut Bonjour” in June 2024

Gino Chouinard will be leaving «Salut Bonjour» in June 2024


Big news Tuesday morning from TVA: after much thought, Gino Chouinard has announced that he will be leaving the helm of “Salut Bonjour” in June 2024.

The host confirmed this to his loyal viewers during the morning show he's piloting for a 16th season.

“Since I've been here in the morning, you let me into your homes ( …) and that, I am extremely grateful,” Gino Chouinard told the audience.

“When I finish my contract, in June 2024, I will no longer be your host in the morning. (…). It was I who made the request to TVA,” he added.

“My wonderful adventure with the big family of “Salut Bonjour” will end […], because it is time for me to devote time to the new projects that I have in mind. It is an important decision that I had to take after 20 years in office. Despite the few shortened nights, I remember above all the thousands of happy mornings,” said Gino Chouinard.

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“I know you will be missed as is the big family from 'Salut'. Until then, we still have time to enjoy beautiful moments together. Thank you for your loyalty!” he continued.

He said that by announcing it so early, it allowed him to begin his mourning. His collaborators, who form a family with him, surrounded him to say good words to him, some barely holding back their sobs. Gino, he shed a few tears in front of a stage full of people who came to applaud him. He spoke of a “demanding” tenure he wanted to end while “he was still enjoying it”.

After getting up in the middle of the night for more than two decades, he can also be proud of having accompanied viewers every day for four hours of live television. All with great love and respect for the general public, its guests and its collaborators. This affection was reflected in the 14 Artis trophies obtained successively for the title of best host in the service program category. This means that Gino Chouinard's successor will have big shoes to fill.

“My children have never seen me do anything else,” he said with a smile. .

According to other figures released by the channel, Gino Chouinard will have conducted more than 10,000 interviews on “Salut Bonjour” and, as of November 29, he has accumulated 3,640 live animated episodes.

When he left in June 2024, Gino Chouinard will have been in charge of “Salut Bonjour” for 17 full seasons. He also, it should be noted, hosted “Salut Bonjour Weekend” for four seasons, so much so that he got up at dawn for 21 seasons for TVA.