Girl dies of overdose at Airbnb in Florida

Baby girl dies of overdose in Florida Airbnb


A family is suing Airbnb after their granddaughter died of an overdose in the accommodation they were renting in August 2021. 

Lydie and Boris Lavenir rented an AirBnb residence in Wellington, Florida, for the holidays with their 19-month-old daughter, Enora, and her four siblings, according to the Washington Post.

When the mom went to pick up Enora after her two-hour nap, the little girl didn't wake up.

Enora's face was blue, and there was white foam coming out of his mouth. The family called 911, but it was already too late.

The child's autopsy eventually revealed the presence of a lethal dose of fentanyl in his system, a drug which the family, from Guadeloupe, had never heard of it.

“It's as if we had fallen into a trap”, confided Boris, Enora's dad.

No one knows how the synthetic opioid got into the little girl's hands, especially since the investigation failed to locate the drug anywhere else in the rental.

Parents have were also suspected, but the police found no drugs in their belongings or in their body.

The circumstances of the death remain uncertain at this time, and the case has been closed pending new evidence, conceding accidental cause.

The family is now suing Airbnb, the owner, rental manager, and the previous tenant who hosted a party at the venue, alleging the drugs came from of this party.

A legal expert argued that the lawsuit against Airbnb was unlikely to go to trial given the difficulty of determining the source of the drugs.

“ What is certain is that Enora had contact with Fentanyl in the Airbnb,” assured her father.< /p>