Girl disguised as queen receives letter from Elizabeth II

A little girl disguised as queen receives a letter from Elizabeth II & rsquo; /></p><p> MISE & Agrave; DAY</p><p> <strong> On October 31, young Jalayne was all the rage in Florence, Ky. In her Queen of England costume. Two months after dressing up as Elizabeth II, the two-year-old American girl received a letter from the real sovereign. </strong> & nbsp;</p><p> After posting photos of her daughter on Facebook this fall, Katelyn Sutherland was persuaded by her friends to send in pictures of this costume, which had been carefully crafted to mimic a royal outfit.</p></p><p> So she printed a photo that she put in an envelope, along with a letter, then sent it all to Queen Elizabeth II. The latter was ill at the time; the young mother hoped the letter would cheer her up.</p><p> Two months later, when Katelyn Sutherland opened the mail, she was surprised to see a letter addressed to her daughter bearing the royal seal.</p><p> “I had to calm myself down and make sure I didn't damage the envelope,” Jalayne's mother said.</p><script async=

The letter explained that the queen had very much enjoyed the message and the photo of the girl in her “splendid costume”.

The family now plans to frame the letter and display it in the living room until 'Jalayne is old enough to keep the message safe.

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