Girl dress at the wedding angered users of the network: photo

The girl came to the celebration in the wrong outfit, say the users in the network

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Платье девушки на свадьбе разозлило пользователей сети: фото

Guest wedding criticized in network

In the Facebook group, That’s It, I’m Wedding Shaming (“I mock weddings”) shamed an unknown guest of the wedding that came to the celebration in a short white dress, writes tabloid the Sun.

“Shame the girl in the middle… She’s not the bride. And at the wedding was not a white theme or something like that”, – has signed a publishing author.

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This post caused a flurry of angry comments. “I’ll never understand. There is a whole palette of colors, and you choose white to a wedding”, – wrote under a photo of one of the wearer of the network. “Probably nobody told you in person, but it’s rude and self-centered. Don’t do that. You should be ashamed,” said another. “To wear white to the wedding – the same as getting drunk at a party in honor of the unborn child” – criticized the girl another user.

Платье девушки на свадьбе разозлило пользователей сети: фото

Inappropriate attire the guests at the wedding of infuriated users

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