Girl with incredible long tongue, earned 100 thousand dollars: video

American is proud of their accomplishments, and wants financial help to the family and friends

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Девушка с невероятно длинным языком заработала 100 тысяч долларов: видео

Mikayla Of Saravii

American Instagram-blogger with an extremely long tongue famous on the Internet. A girl named Mikayla Saravia publishes photos and video of eating ice cream and lollipops, and also shows erotic dance.

The language of Saravia reaches a length of 16.5 cm while the average length of human language is nine inches. In his Instagram account, which is signed by two million people, blogger frequently posts provocative pictures. For each post it receives from 900 to three thousand dollars.

In addition, Saravia has its own website and app KKVSH where she sells clothes with the image of her tongue, which is registered as a trademark. On sale are t-shirts, charger, display stand and sex toys.

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In 2018 the girl earned less than 50 thousand dollars this year, its revenue is already equivalent to almost 100 thousand dollars. Saravia proud of their accomplishments, and wants financial help to the family and friends.

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