Girls missing: Quebec holds its breath

Fillettes disparues: le Québec retient son souffle

Catherine Bouchard ,
Martin Lavoie ,
Félix Séguin and
Jean-François Racine

At the end of the second day in a fruitless search under a scorching heat, police officers and volunteers are always engaged in a race against the clock in Saint-Apollinaire, in Lotbinière, to locate Romy, 6 years, Norah, age 11, and their father, Martin Carpentier.

All of Quebec is holding its breath in trying to solve the mystery through different scenarios.

On Wednesday evening, the three missing were rendered in Chocolate Favorites of Saint-Nicolas. A payment is confirmed. Then, they have been seen in a service station before taking the highway 20 westbound. What happened next remains very unclear.

Romy, 6, and Norah, age 11, are missing following a mysterious accident which occurred Wednesday evening at Saint-Apollinaire. Their father is presented as a suspect.

  • Listen to the interview of the reporter from TVA Nouvelles Felix Seguin with Jean-François Baril at QUB Radio:

Less than an hour later, the mysterious accident occurred in Saint-Apollinaire, then, that the car was heading rather to the east. There was no occupant to the arrival of the police.

At the end of the day Friday, the outcome desired has not happened, and the investigation remains as troubling as intriguing.

  • Listen to the interview of the police officer to retire François Doré Jean-François Baril at QUB Radio:

Several police officers had a face defeated due to the extreme heat. The wait becomes frustrating for several. The scope of the research has been tightened.

They are now concentrating in a wooded area near the rue Veilleux.

“We have volunteers structured. One of the officers search land and mountain-BIKING, dog handlers, a helicopter flies over the area “, has detailed Louis-Philippe Bibeau, a spokesperson for the Sûreté du Québec.


  • Listen to the interview of the spokesperson of the SQ Louis-Philippe Bibeau with Caroline St-Hilaire, at QUB radio:

Testimonials are disturbing

To 18 h, the police said they had raked a territory of about 150 kilometers. The police request to keep the eye open but does not wish to volunteer spontaneous, in particular because of the very dense forest. We want to prevent people to go astray.

If people saw the suspect, the best thing is to call 911 and stay in the background. The authorities say they do not know the state of mind of the father, the presumed author of the abduction of his daughters.

According to our information, a witness reportedly saw Martin Carpentier and his two daughters in a life after this accident.

According to police sources, during his first encounter with the police, the mother of the girls should have first referred to a separation harmonious with the father of her children, and would not have had special concern for their safety.

Thursday morning, investigators have received new information most disturbing. According to evidence, Martin Carpentier did not accept the separation with his ex-wife. He manifested signs of depression, had lost weight and was thinking of possibly stop working. The SQ would not confirm this information.

“The times I have seen Martin with his girls, he was a nice man, with them involved, a dad copy for which his daughters are the priority,” said Caron, a friend of Cathy Gingras, the current joint Carpentier.

  • Listen to the interview with Bernard Ouellet, mayor of Saint-Apollinaire, at QUB radio:

Legault reacts

The prime minister François Legault has expressed its concern on Friday, during a press briefing at Yamachiche. “We put all the necessary resources […] to find […] the little girls. Currently, there are about 80 people who work on land and in the air to find the two little girls, ” he said.

“We really hope that it ends well,” he added.

— With Vincent Larin, QMI Agency

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