Girls missing: the command post moved into a new sector of Saint-Apollinaire

Fillettes disparues: le poste de commandement déplacé dans un nouveau secteur de Saint-Apollinaire

Félix Séguin

The Sûreté du Québec, has decided, in the last minutes, to move his command post and its staff in a new area of Saint-Apollinaire.

The police force is always looking for Norah, age 11, and Romy, 6 years old, and their father, Martin Carpentier, 44, which are the subject of an Amber alert since Thursday, 15 h.

The police confirms that the command post and the officers involved in the search on foot and ATVS, have decided to go in a perimeter located close to the 89, rue Veilleux.

This place is situated near to the row of Wood Joly where the owners of the dependencies were already invited to open the eye.

“This is where the survey items, the information received we are to look for in the sector”, said Louis-Philippe Bibeau, a spokesman for the SQ.

Insights in life?

According to our information, Martin Carpentier, and his two daughters, would have been seen alive by a witness after the mysterious accident of a vehicle Wednesday evening.

This is the reason why the police would have focused their efforts in the immediate area of the municipality of Saint-Apollinaire from the beginning of the event.

According to police sources, during his first encounter with the police in the night from Wednesday to Thursday, the mother of the girls should have first referred to a separation harmonious with the father of her children, and would not have experienced fears for their security.

The criteria to activate an Amber alert had not been met.

Testimonials are disturbing

Thursday morning, investigators have received new information more troubling from the entourage of the father of the girls, and alleged author of their removal.

According to this new testimony, Martin Carpentier did not accept the separation with his ex-wife. He manifested signs of depression, had lost weight, and was thinking of possibly stop working.

These stories, bringing new light, the general staff of the Sûreté du Québec will be held at 13: 30, which eventually led to the Amber alert.

The spokesperson for the SQ, Louis-Philippe Bibeau, did not wish to comment on our information.

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