Girls “warming up”, whistling and ukulele: how was the concert LP in Kiev

The singer was struck by a multifaceted voice and cheeky behavior on stage

Alina Ostrowska

Today, 16:25

Девочки "на разогреве", свист и укулеле: как прошел концерт LP в Киеве

The LP concert in Kiev.

The evening of 14 April in Sports Palace was Packed. No, there is not moved the debate Petro Poroshenko and Vladimir Zelensky. In fact, in the capital with the concert came the legendary and extraordinary singer LP (Laura Pergolizzi), which earlier Today.Lifestyle has announced.

So, the concert was supposed to start at 19.00, but for an hour before fans of the singer big snakes stretched in place. Not less than it was inside. “Hey, you in the orchestra? Then leave, go around all the security and go again,” “What, you got a ticket somewhere in the mail? Then somewhere at the entrance and see a concert, If you are waiting for someone, but you have a ticket – I’m not missing your friend. The ticket must be in the hands” “Oh, she sho, man?”, “- Can go onstage to her, flowers to give, satellites? – She Shaw, you a monument?” – about such conversations I have heard from all sides, yet got to his place at the Sports Palace.

Девочки "на разогреве", свист и укулеле: как прошел концерт LP в Киеве

LP gave a concert in Kiev

Inside was no warmer than on the street….while there has warmer. It is curious that on the inputs in the back hung the lists, what not to bring (food, alcohol, weapons, drugs, animals, etc), but here and there in the hall, I saw people with glasses of beer, some coffee and brandy, even popcorn! “We had a little sandwich with sausage to take along…” – I thought, and immediately banished that thought. What a vulgarity! Here LP, and I’m on the sandwiches.

It is fair to say that the concert started on time, but not the singer its beginning. First were the girls Bloom Twins (a British Duo of sisters bleznyashek Anna and Sofia Kuprienko from Ukraine). During your loud “warm up,” they complained that in Ukraine not so good with the instrument, danced, and liberated the scene for Laura. The singer left the audience a bit-a lot at 20.15 and then “blew up” the audience with their music.

Девочки "на разогреве", свист и укулеле: как прошел концерт LP в Киеве


Appeared LP in tight pants, repetski dropped from the buttocks, shirt, black waistcoat and ukulele. On stage, Laura played the ukulele and the guitar, and tambourines. She even whistled! Good for fooling around, even dropped the microphone, causing a burst of laughter. Was brought to her to replace some MICS (although without them she would not stop singing).

The woman performed their famous hits: Recovery, The Power, Tightrope, Into The Wild, and many others. But the song Lost On You she closed his speech. To say it was loud is an understatement. It was over the top loud, unbelievably cool and fun. The audience sang along, danced on chairs (fan zone began to dance even before its release), included lights on the phones to heighten the effect of lyrical compositions. However, spoiled the impression from the concert a surreal turn in the toilet, in which “hare” is not missed and could incinerate one only looks. And Yes, the concert will be remembered and Kiev, and Laura.

Earlier, LP (Laura Pergolizzi) told “Today” that she needs to be completely happy when you can enjoy a glass of wine in solitude and how to love anything rock and write for pop artists.

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