Girls who have died: “It is difficult to understand,” says a priest close to the family

Fillettes décédées: «C’est difficile à comprendre», dit un prêtre proche de la famille

Knowledge of the sisters Carpentier and their families have a lot of sadness and are “difficult to understand” the tragic events of the last few days.

Raymond Poulin, priest of the diocese of Quebec, went to gather at the memorial improvised near the falls of the Chaudière, Lévis, Tuesday, as many other citizens.

His thoughts and his words go first to the victims, Romy Carpentier, 6 years old, and Norah Carpentier, 11, “child martyrs” in his eyes. He also pointed out the “courage” of their mother Amélie Lemieux, referring to her public statement emotional, Monday.

“Let’s just say it touched me a lot, since I know Mrs. Lemieux, and then I called Norah”, he explained.

Difficult period

Mr. Poulin recognizes that he also has compassion for the father, without excusing the actions alleged against him.

Martin Carpentier has been touted as being the suspect of the abduction of his daughters and is the subject of a manhunt in Saint-Apollinaire.

“I know Martin also. I had already helped him [in] a period of his life where it was difficult, it has been about six years old, and he is a father who was close to his children, who loved his children, and what happened, it is difficult to understand,” said the priest.

The last time he had met Carpentier, several months ago, “he seemed happy, he had a new wife”, he remembers.

“We are all fragile, also, from the psychological point of view. It is not necessary to, like, let evil enter into our lives. We need to react when you are full of ideas of vengeance, for example, ideas or gestures of hate. It should be on the lookout and then [do] not let these thoughts in our heart, in our life,” insists Raymond Poulin.


Always in front of this pavilion which are deposited by countless stuffed animals, words and lanterns, Amélie Lessard, an educator at the service of custody of the school that attended Norah, could not hold back a few tears.

She remembers very well this girl who “loved sports” and who was “very artistic”.

“She was going to go to the secondary […], I find it sad,” drop the lady.

About Martin Carpentier, that she crossed on a few occasions, especially when Norah was younger, “I have nothing negative to say of this as I have known this dad there.”

What makes him say, also, that it is “very incompréhensif (sic) at this time.”

Also on Tuesday, all day, the site of contemplation of the ephemeral in honor of the young victims, at Lévis, was very popular, and the sadness read on a lot of faces.

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