Give them a sitcom!

Donnez-leur une sitcom!

Anyone know why no broadcaster has yet to be given to the Major Floods of their own tv series ? This is the question that we were asking on Thursday night watching their “virtual performance” at the FSTVL HAHAHA.

It is called the ” virtual performance “, but rather, we should talk about episode test. Because in interview to the Newspaper last week, Marie-Lyne Joncas and Eve Side had not hidden : they dream of transposing the universe of Major Flooding on the small screen, and they were going to take the opportunity to test the waters.

Me and the other alcoholic

Titled Who killed the Great Flood ? this time of fiction, largely written by Antoine Desjardins, was also featured Serge Postigo managing incompetent, Eileen O’farrell (The blue hour) in best friend also matante that jealous, and Eric Robidoux (various Facts) in warm rabbit amateur conspiracy theories. In the end, however, the sequences between the Joncas Side and that we will keep in memory. These graduates of the École nationale de l’humour – cuvee 2014 – deserve to be at the heart of a sitcom. A kind of Me and the other alcohol of the years 2020, more scathing and rude.

This is the conclusion to which it leads, and yet, the proposal of the tandem was far from perfect. It was a tad too long (could have cut a good 20 minutes), it sometimes lacked pace (given the two seconds of delay between each replica on Zoom) and a few jokes would have deserved to be refined. But for something as singular, concocted in containment in the space of two weeks, it was successful. There may be not laughed heartily as much as we would have liked, but we were entertained.

If you are part of the 100 000 people who attended the show of the Great Flood, you know how Marie-Lyne Joncas and Eve Next to form a very effective duo, and charismatic. Strongly a comedy featuring. Tchin-tchin !

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