Giving birth being reached COVID-19

Accoucher en étant atteinte de la COVID-19

LONGUEUIL | A young woman from the South Shore has learned a week before his birth that she was suffering from the COVID-19, a new distressing, especially as the risk of transmission from mother to new-born are not yet much documented.

Joanie Guillemette had to give birth at Saint-Jean-sur-le-Richelieu, but his plans changed abruptly: she had to give birth in the hot zone, in a unit of birth dedicated to the COVID-19 at the hôpital Pierre-Boucher in Longueuil, quebec.

The new mother has contracted the disease through her husband, a health-care worker.

“On the 1st of may, we were told that it was COVID positive. […] I cried, you will say… I was freaking out a little bit!”, entrust the mother to TVA Nouvelles.

It is not the only one, since the beginning of the pandemic, three mothers affected by the COVID-19 have given birth at the hôpital Pierre-Boucher, a small fraction on the 3500 births registered in this hospital.

Other patients suffering from the disease and followed at Pierre-Boucher has had time to heal before delivery and they were able to give birth in their birthing center.

The measurements at the centre of birth are as important as in areas COVID in other institutions.

“Of course, personal protective equipment, rooms, dedicated, professionals dedicated”, lists the clinical nurse Jeanne Pigeon Turenne.

Transmission from mother to child?

Few studies have been made on the transmission of mother-to-child.

The main study included 33 women who had given birth in Wuhan, China, and had shown that 9% of infants had been infected. Among these, three were not going very well, but they have taken the best quickly in a few days.

“According to the studies that are published, there is little risk to the baby in vertical transmission, that is to say, the mom who will pass it on to the fetus. It is very reassuring,” says Dr. Jeanne Laflamme, an obstetrician-gynecologist at the hôpital Pierre-Boucher.

The little boy Joanie Guillemette, Malik, has not been infected and is doing well.

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