Globe-trotters in containment

Globe-trotters en confinement

Used to be in his luggage, the duo Lydia&Sebastien has seen all its overseas operations stop temporarily with the arrival of the pandemic. But this has not prevented the two québec musicians to complete their mini-album, Traveling Shoes, which has just been released. The Journal spoke with Lydia Ferland and Sebastien Robichaud on their containment in the last few months, in the Laurentians.

Your new album is about a lot of travel. How is this launch so that we can’t just not travel ?

Lydia : ” It is a bit annoying ! (laughter) But I hope more precisely that it can make dreams come true. “

Sebastian : ” It provides an escape from this situation. “

When the pandemic broke out, you had to go back to Quebec. How was the containment ?

Sébastien : ” It is in the Laurentians at this time. Everything is a bit on pause. We had a lot of projects. We had to spend the summer in Ibiza and return to Nashville. It was just in Nashville when came this story of COVID. “

Lydia : ” In addition, there was the largest tornado for years there. We said that it was the end of the world ! It was pretty intense. “

Sebastian : ” We came back in mid-march and we went to our quarantine of 14 days at the little cottage of my parents, Chertsey [near Joliette]. We took the opportunity to finish the album. We recorded and sent our tracks in Nashville and a guy the wore in London. “

What do you enjoy about your situation settled this time ?

Lydia : ” It’s not usual ! It was really on the move normally. But we are beginning to see the benefits of be asked to a place, a bit more stable. And it’s nice not to feel jet lag [time-shift] of the times ! “

From another side, what you lack does it travel now ?

Sebastian : ” there’s an adrenaline, which is cool. When we were in Nashville, it is a real city of music with live everywhere. We liked the drive (energy). “

Lydia : ” You learn a lot of each city. For example, I never thought I’d love it as much Ibiza. It is a place that has us so inspired. We’re missing a little bit. “

You have signed with the london-based agency Burstimo for this disc. How do you get to work with them in spite of the pandemic ?

Lydia : ” This is an agency that is really good with technology and social networks. We don’t necessarily need to be there in person. “

Sebastian : ” They tend to approach the media and on the radio. I think we’re going to spend the summer in a quiet Quebec. There are a lot of things to develop here. We look to return to Europe in September. “

You have performed in thirty countries during the past six years. What explains your success abroad ?

Lydia : ” I’ve noticed that a lot of our influences are european. We listen to a lot of music around the world. “

Sebastian : ” there is also our madness, I would say. The music is universal. We wanted to open territories. After only six months together, we decided to go play in the street in France. It was a bit reckless to do that. But you don’t have a child, or of a mortgage (laughter). De fil en aiguille, we have created links. There, it was felt that there is a commitment to the people of Quebec. “

You have played extensively in Morocco for two years. What happened there ?

Lydia : ” it All started with the big events down there. It had begun in a palace. The customer was easy… “

Sebastian : ” We played for the House of Dior, to the president of Senegal… When you walk in there, it becomes the mouth-to-ear. It offered shows acoustic with an atmosphere somewhat hushed, to the Norah Jones. I also think that it can help them, a tall blonde in Morocco (laughs). “

With all these foreign projects, do you necessarily had to abandon the quebec market ?

Sebastian : ” Not necessarily. Our song When you’re not there has been a lot played in 2016. On Spotify, it has nearly three million plays, with the remix. This is when a lot of them. The radios we have welcomed. Our mission this time is to put a face. People know the songs, but the less the duo. “

Lydia : ” Even if we weren’t there, it has always been important for us to keep Quebec this. This is our baby… “

The new mini-album of Lydia&Sebastien, Traveling Shoes, is available. Click here for details.

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