Glucose has commented on the divorce from her husband

Russian singer jokingly began to divide the property with her husband

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A few weeks ago in a press there were rumors that the 33-year-old Russian singer Glucose is diluted with 46-year-old husband Alexander Chistyakov. It was rumored that the singer no longer wears her wedding ring and her husband did notice the restaurant with a stranger.

The singer decided not to torment the fans and commented on the breakup with her husband. Came to this moment in a creative and recorded a video in which gained a video of Alexander.

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“And you know that we happen to be divorced…? And, apparently, very soon”, – said the actress to her husband.

Also amusingly the couple began to divide the property and agreed – whoever gets there first home, the one everyone takes. Humor Glucose was estimated by the fans and immediately calmed down, after 15 years of marriage, the singer is not in danger.

Meanwhile, in the life of one of her friends of Glucose – Ksenia Sobchak – a happy change. After her divorce from Maxim Vitorgan leading is going to marry Director Konstantin Bogomolov.

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Глюкоза прокомментировала развод с мужем

Глюкоза прокомментировала развод с мужем

Глюкоза прокомментировала развод с мужем


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