Glued to the ceiling

Glued to the ceiling


Is the curfew back? The Amber alert of December 31 to remind us? School closures? Or pandemic attrition? Still, we have the impression that Quebec is on the teeth.

Parents are fed up. Health workers are fed up. Traders are fed up. We are warned that teachers will be fed up tomorrow.

Closures, vaccination passport, increasingly obtuse health protocols, suddenly nothing finds favor in our eyes.

< p>It's simple, hostility has eroded large market shares from benevolence.

And if by dint of looking for culprits, we had forgotten the essentials?


For months everyone has been calling for us to crack down on the unvaccinated, these stubborn people who clog up our hospitals.

François Legault imposes a tax on them, tightens the health passport. And suddenly, he goes too far!

You see, he risks harming the most vulnerable. Then, booksellers see it as an attack on culture, hardware stores, an affront to screwdriver lovers.

There are loud calls for the reopening of schools. And suddenly, it's too risky!

Hospitals are too crowded, managing the absences of infected teachers will be unmanageable.

We urge the government to listen to science, but it is wrong to trust the advice of its experts on purifiers of air!

Not surprising that the government is losing its feathers in public opinion, after 22 months of the pandemic. The consensuses have gone up in smoke, carried by the different waves of the pandemic.


I can already hear the voices rising to tell me that “it's the media's fault” ! That by dint of criticizing everything, the press ends up poisoning the social climate.

Perhaps. But you will agree that it is not easy to seek to hold our authorities to account, to highlight their inconsistencies, to make sense of things, to find the right tone, to provoke a debate without making it worse.

Others will justly blame the government, its failures, its blind spots, its lack of transparency.

And we must admit in this regard, he has given us our money's worth lately.

Nevertheless… In Quebec, the government is criticized for its lack of rigor in the screening protocols for schools. In France, parents and teachers have revolted against the heaviness of the requirements.

The happy medium is difficult to find when it is necessary to both minimize the risk and facilitate the return to a certain normality .

Much has been said about a “new paradigm” this week, finding a new way to deal with this pandemic that is suffocating society, hospitals, the economy.

That sounds a lot like another way of saying “learning to live with COVID.” .

But to get there, you will also have to learn to overcome unpleasant surprises, and rediscover this solidarity which seems to be sorely lacking at the start of 2022.    

Glued to the ceiling

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