Go-A ukrainiziruet the Eurovision song contest: international competition for the first time the song will feature on the Nightingale

Go-A украинизирует Евровидение: на международном конкурсе впервые песня прозвучит на соловьином

the soloist Go-A Ekaterina Pavlenko, photo : elle.ua

today, 21:57

The winner of the national selection group Go-A this year will represent Ukraine at the Eurovision song contest with the song “the Nightingale” and does not intend to shift it to English.

This was stated by the soloist Go-A Ekaterina Pavlenko during a press conference.

The singer stressed that the world is very much English-language music, particularly in Europe. According to Ekaterina Pavlenko, the aim of the group Go-A was precisely to Eurovision finally first performed the song in the Ukrainian language.

“According to the rules of Eurovision is possible that the song was sung not only in Ukrainian, and in any language that I want to send a country song. And remake, we will not, after all, the goal was precisely to the Eurovision song contest have performed Ukrainian song in Ukrainian”, — she noted.

It is worth noting that the Ukrainian it is, of course, heard for the Eurovision song contest. However, never before had not been served the Ukrainian whole song.

In 2004, Ruslana performed the song “Wild dances” in which only a few lines sounded in Ukrainian. Also in Eurovision 2005 group “Greenjolly” special for the singing competition have created an international version of the song “Razom NAS bagato”, which were Ukrainian text.

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