“Go on…” – the flamboyant Russian singer got a hot language Zelensky

"Пошел на..." - эпатажный российский певец попал под горячий язык Зеленского

Vladimir Zelensky // gettyimages

today, 09:38

The leader of the band Little Big, one of the leading transmission “Saskarne history” Ilya Prusikin shared a very scandalous story about the meeting with the current President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky.

This became known thanks to the posted videos on the YouTube channel “CLICKLOCK”.

The musician said that in 2001 Vladimir Zelensky with his team of KVN went to speak at the Sochi festival. In the lobby of the famous hotel “Pearl” 15-year-old Prusikin met the team “95 Quarter” with the head of it at the time, Vladimir Zelensky.

Prusikin openly admitted that he never liked that team, and therefore decided to mimic the captain Zelensky, rehearsing some kind of replica from the speech. According to the musician, Zelensky to trick the teenager reacted very violent.

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“Go on… here … for…l!” — shouted the future President of Ukraine, after which Prusikin tried to quickly escape.

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