“Go to the CP*ku” – the gossip about the divorce finished off famous musician, a hard answer

"Идите в ср*ку", - сплетни о разводе добили известного музыканта, жесткий ответ

Andrey Khlyvnyuk, photo from Instagram

today, 20:26

The leader of the group “Boombox” Andrey Khlyvnyuk has responded to rumors of divorce with his wife Anna. The musician abruptly asked the media not to meddle in his personal life. Bold statement Andrew made during interview with journalist of Solomie Witwicky, RBC.

“Yes, it’s fucking none of your business, bunnies, my friends. How can I say this not to send you? Never bring your work home, and do not pull home to work, and then you’ll be fine. So. It looks like the answer? Not? Well, then go in MS*ku” – spoke Khlyvnyuk.

"Идите в ср*ку", - сплетни о разводе добили известного музыканта, жесткий ответ

Andrey Khlyvnyuk wife

Vitvitskaya previously reported that Andrew was separated from his wife, who, as it turned out, she decided to leave the family.

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According to the journalist, Andrew and Anna for several months, appeared together at social events.

“According to rumors, the couple for almost six months, not living together and that Anna decided to leave the family. Of course, I asked myself, Andrei, and although a clear answer has not received. But it is clear that the topic is unpleasant for him,” said Vitvitskaya.

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Recall the song “watchman” of “Boombox entered the Top 20 most iconic songs of the 21st century by the decision of experts of the National music award YUNA.

As reported by the portal Znayu “the Boombox” blew up the audience with energetic concert.

The portal also Znayu wrote that Khlyvnyuk of “Boombox” in Kharkov, shared the secret.


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