Go_A Eurovision hooked for a living experienced “old man” Vine – “Ukrainians understand…”

Go_A на Евровидении зацепили за живое бывалого "старичка" Лозу - "Украинцы поняли..."

Go_A at Eurovision 2020, photo: screenshot YouTube

today, 17:45

Russian musician Yuri Loza supported Ukraine’s decision to send to the Eurovision 2020 group Go_A, who will perform the song “Nightingale” in the Ukrainian language. He told about it in interview to the Russian media.

“We have not yet understood, and the Ukrainians have already realized that you need their culture to promote and not to raspiarit the British. Not to drip on the British “mill”, and PR and to promote their culture. When we understand, will be very good. I say this for many, many years. We need to do the same — to send a man with a Russian song, not putting before him the task of winning the Eurovision. Us victory is not needed. We need to promote our culture”, — said the musician.

Loza recalled how the singer Dima Bilan after he won the Eurovision song contest with the song in English, went to tour Russia. At the same time, other artists who don’t even won on tour around the world. So Patricia Kaas, who took 8th place went to the European tour.

“I believe that with the song in the national language a chance to Express themselves in the world. Because the people performing these songs, original and interesting. But, say, English-speaking Russians, Azerbaijanis, Ukrainians don’t need anyone, they have their full of such”, — he said.

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Recall, the musician criticized the participants of the Eurovision song contest and paid for it.

As reported Know. ua assistant finalist of Eurovision stood up for Go_A.

Also Know As. ua wrote that Go_A will represent Ukraine at the Eurovision song contest, best songs of the contestants.

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