Go_A fly at Eurovision? Announced an alarming forecast

Go_A пролетит на Евровидении? Озвучен тревожный прогноз

The Eurovision song contest photo: eurovision.tv

today, 13:09

As you know, the popular music contest, Eurovision 2020 to be held in mid-may in the Netherlands. From Ukraine the competition will go to the Go_A with folk group “the Nightingale”. There is one very bad news: bookmakers worsened the position for our artists. They believe that Ukraine will not fall even in the top 20.

This became known thanks to the message of one of the Ukrainian publications.

Go_A пролетит на Евровидении? Озвучен тревожный прогноз

The table of participants of Eurovision-2020, photo: Facebook

Bookmakers predict that the victory in the Eurovision song contest will get Iceland, but previously they were set to win Lithuania, which now was in second place. Third place while for Romania. Italy occupies the fourth position, and the top five is Russia, which has always been a performer. Thus, Ukraine was placed on the 23-th line. Worse than us only Finland, which occupies 24-e a place.

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