Go_A will represent Ukraine at the Eurovision-2020: all the details of the press conference

The winners of the national selection has signed an agreement with the NOTE and talked to the press

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The final of national selection on “Eurovision-2020” was held last Saturday, February 22. By results of voting, the winner was the group Go_A. Note that the team got maximum points from both the audience and jury. On February 25, Go_A signed an agreement with the NOTE and now you are the representatives of Ukraine at “Eurovision-2020” in Rotterdam.

After signing the document, the team, and also a music producer of the national selection Ruslan Kvinta and Chairman of the National public broadcasting company of Ukraine Zurab Alasania gave a press conference during which discussed the contract with the NOTE, commented on the criticism and told the details of the lyrics to “Nightingale”.

On contract with the NOTE

Recall that last year Ukraine refused to participate in “Eurovision” because of the fact that the winner of the national selection-2019 MARUV not signed a contract with the NOTE, the terms of which called “bonded”. So this time the Ukrainians are even more closely followed the course of events. The result Go_A signed the contract. According to the participants group, there were no pitfalls.

Go_A представят Украину на Евровидении-2020: все подробности пресс-конференции

Go_A will represent Ukraine at “Eurovision-2020”

On the criticism

Despite the high points, after winning Go_A in the final of the national selection, many have criticized their performance and song. Among them is the frontman of the band “Antibody” Taras Poplar, which is called the song “pseudoatom”.

The soloist of the band Ekaterina Pavlenko believes that everyone is entitled to their position. But the musical producer of the national selection for “Eurovision-2020” Ruslan Kvinta spoke sharply about the statement of the frontman of the band “Antibody”:

“It’s like that I would say that Taras Poplar – the son of wood, and the wife had a boy, because it is Alyosha”, – said Ruslan Kvinta during a press conference.

See also video about the intrigue of national selection on “Eurovision-2020”:

About the song “Nightingale”

In the event, the soloist Go_A Ekaterina Pavlenko explained the origin of some words of the song, in particular, spoke of Taras Poplar.

“Everyone has their own opinion. The territory of Ukraine – one of the largest in Europe. Studying the folklore of the territory of Ukraine, I saw a picture that in each region its own dialect. Even take the Sumy and Chernigov – the dialects differ. We work with folk material, and we try to dig the song. And so all the dialects that occur in our work, it’s not because we wanted to and did so – so. And it’s not like that now”, – says Ekaterina.

Go_A представят Украину на Евровидении-2020: все подробности пресс-конференции

The soloist of the group Go_A

“It’s cool that people started to analyze the texts. Earlier everyone was like what is sung. About the song say, so it evokes some emotion. That people feel, it generates and then in the comments,” added Catherine.

To the question about the upcoming performance at the international competition, the participants Go_A said that while nothing concrete can not say, and to prepare there is enough time.

In addition, Go_A told how to communicate with the Russian press at the “Eurovision-2020”. According to the soloist of Catherine Pavlenko, they are ready to communicate, but, if possible, will avoid it: “If this communication cannot be avoided, we are ready for it. But if we have the opportunity, you won’t do it.” The Chairman of the National public broadcasting company of Ukraine Zurab Alasania also shared his thoughts about communicating with Russian media.

Note the “Eurovision-2020” will be held in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, may 12-14-16. Earlier, the organizers revealed the names of guest stars and intriguing show.

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