“Going from July to March with a thermal shock”: why temperatures should drop suddenly ?

“Going from July to March with a thermal shock”: why temperatures should drop suddenly ?

This Monday, temperatures could drop by 6°C to 10°C compared to the day before. MAXPPP – Patrick Lefevre

A depression in the northern Atlantic blocks warm air over the continent but a cool maritime wind will chase away the heat bubble from the afternoon of Monday April 8.

"In April, don't uncover yourself by a thread", says the saying… With 24 °C in Montpellier or Nîmes this Sunday, and 25 °C in Toulouse the day before, we might have thought that summer would not be long away to arrive… But the heat peak of this first weekend of April is not expected to last. Indeed, from this Monday, April 8, the mercury should fall again in the south of France.

According to Météo France, temperatures could drop "from 6 °C to 10 °C by compared to the day before", except in certain regions of the East. It is actually a disturbance coming from the Atlantic which chases away the warm air and replaces it with a polar wind and maritime", according to Gilles Matricon of la Chaîne Météo. For Tuesday and Wednesday, temperatures should even be lower than seasonal norms.

A thermal shock?

"We will quickly go from July to March with a significant thermal shock", warns the meteorologist . No worries, however, according to the latter: "There has always been a yo-yo effect in spring, and these hot episodes have always existed.

"In a warming climate, hot events will be either more frequent or more intense", judge for his part Julien Cattiaux, climatologist at the National Center for Meteorological Research (CNRM) in Toulouse, in the columns of Parisien.

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