Gold earrings: three pairs that should be in every fashionista’s

Stylish gold earrings is always a good investment in own way

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July 1, 11:10

Золотые серьги: три пары, которые должны быть у каждой модницы

Such jewelry will emphasize the dignity of the person, the beauty of the ears, and will also help to create a specific image, depending on the decorating style you select.

If we consider gold earrings on it will become understandable: among the hundreds of beautiful models directory is not so easy to choose and order something for yourself. So for those of you who are just starting to build your collection, to start is to focus on three basic options.

Earrings or Pusey

This is a simple and basic solution, if the insertion of the selected one light stone. Is the most versatile sheer — diamond or zircon. Pusey the item combined with absolutely everything, from sports costumes to elegant dresses to go out. Moreover, they are relevant in any season: they are comfortable to wear in summer and in winter under a hat or scarf.

Золотые серьги: три пары, которые должны быть у каждой модницы

If the classic carnation is already there, you can choose gold earrings with some unusual elements: a colored stone, a figurine, a panel of enamel. Be careful if you buy jewelry with precious stones, their clasps need to twist the thread — in this case, you will never lose the decoration.

Earrings: another versatile option

Those who do not have earrings in the shape of a ring, the stylists suggest to focus on products with small or medium diameter up to one centimeter. Such decisions are also versatile and suitable for all. But rings with large diameter — this is jewelry that is demanding to the overall style, type of clothes and image. They are visible, to some extent, even daring, because they allow you to create interesting bold images that never go unnoticed.

Золотые серьги: три пары, которые должны быть у каждой модницы

Earrings chains: for a beautiful silhouette neck

Earrings made of gold made in the form of chains, a perfect choice for those who want to visually lengthen the neck to make it more elegant and fragile. They look great with short hair, tall hairstyles that open the ears. A big plus is that these jewelry pleasing variety, and buyers can choose from:

  • Chain without any unnecessary details — they are subtle and noticeable only at close range. Suitable for business, classic, festive images.
  • Products with various stones and pendants. Here the mass of options: from one stone to the placers of parts, embellished with enamel and inlays.
  • Asymmetric model. These products are now at the height of fashion: the elements in them are different, so one earring stone can be at the top, and another at the bottom. of earrings for any outfit

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