“Gold Jia”: a list of winners (updated)

For the award in the nomination “the Best film” fought five films

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"Золота Дзиґа": список победителей (обновляется)

All winners of the award “Gold Jia 2019”

On Friday, April 19, took place the awards ceremony of the third national film award “Gold Jia”. Leaders on number of nominations this year are such films as “gate” (12), “dick box” (12), “If padayut tree” (10), “Donbas” (6). In 2019 “Gold Jia” includes 19 categories.

Full list of winners of the film award “Gold Jia 2019”:

Best picture:

  • “Brahma”
  • “Grcica Inca: win”
  • “Dick box”
  • “Donbas”
  • “If padayut tree”

Best Director (prize named after Yuri Ilyenko):

  • Yaroslav Lodygin, “dick box”
  • The Winner Is Sergei Loznitsa, “Donbas”
  • Marysia nikitiuk, “If padayut tree”
  • Antonina Noyabreva, “Hero mogo hour”
  • Volodymyr Tykhyy, “Brahma”

Best actor:

  • Eugene Bushmakin, “Hero mogo hour”
  • Roman Lutsky, “Sex mast osobisty I nichogo”
  • Winner – Oleg Moskalenko, “dick box”
  • Yaroslav Fedorchuk, “Brahma”

Best actress:

  • Winner – Irma Vitovskaya, “Brahma”
  • Anastasia Pustovit, “If padayut tree”
  • Ruslana Khazipova, “dick box”

Best supporting actor:

  • George Deliev, “Donbas”;
  • Sergey Pritula, “Sex mast osobisty I nichogo;
  • The winner – Vladimir Yamnenko, “dick box”

Best supporting actress:

  • Winner – Vitalina Biblio, “Brahma”;
  • Olesya Zhurakovskaya, “Donbas”;
  • Larisa Rusnak, “January-March”

Best operator:

  • Yuri the King, “Slagen of valiyy”;
  • Winner – Sergey Mikhalchuk, “dick box”;
  • The Glory Of The Flowers, “Brahma”

Best production designer:

  • Vlad Dudko, “If padayut tree”;
  • Winner – Vladlen, Odudenko, “dick box”;
  • Vladimir Romanov, “Slagen of valiyy”

Best screenwriter:

  • Paul Arie, Volodymyr Tykhyy, “Brahma”
  • Yaroslav Lodygin, Sergey Zhadan, Natalia Vorozhbit, “dick box”
  • The Winner Is Sergei Loznitsa, “Donbas”
  • Marysia nikitiuk, “If padayut tree”

Best editing:

  • Winner – Ivan Bannikov, “If padayut wood”, “Pozivni “Banderas”, “Won the viyna”
  • Andrew Zagdanski, “Michael Daniel”
  • Vadim Il’kov, “Tato, my mother’s brother”
  • Yaroslav Popov, “MIF”
  • Alexander Black, “dick box”

Best sound:

  • Michael Zakuski, “Brahma”
  • Artem Mostovoy, “Bobot the energy vseswit”, “Zradnik”
  • Andrey Rogachev and Boris Peter, “January-March”
  • Winner – Sergey Stepansky, “dick pole”, “Dzidzio First time”
  • Alexander shatkovskaya, “If padayut tree”

Best music:

  • Winner – Anton Baybakov, “Brahma”
  • Nikita Moiseev, “If padayut tree”
  • Yefim Chupakhin, “dick box”

Best song:

  • “11 for kids s Morshyn”, Sergey Babkin (“11 for kids s Morshyn”)
  • “Kobti”, Ryband (“Slaget of valiyy”)
  • “My love”, Mikhail Khoma (“Dzidzio First time”)
  • Winner – “My mamonko rdance”, the participants of the Ukrainian women’s choir Iryna danyleiko, Galina Goncharenko, Susanna Karpenko (“Grcica Inca: win”)
  • “Not Metelica meadow trail”, Irma Vitovskaya ( “Brahma”)

Best costumes:

  • Yelena GRES, “Brahma”, “Sex mast osobisty I nichogo”
  • Winner – Maria Kero, “Slagen of valiyy”
  • Konstantin Kravets, “If padayut tree”

Best makeup:

  • Olga Aeterna, “Slagen of valiyy”
  • Olga Aeterna, “Pozivni “Banderas”
  • The Winner – Ekaterina Strukova, “Brahma”
  • Tatiana Khoroshun, “If padayut tree”

Best short fiction:

  • “In radost, only in radost”
  • “Stangl”
  • Winner – Mia Donna

Best documentary:

  • “Domashn igri”
  • Winner – “MIF”
  • “Tato, my mother’s brother”
  • “Yavneh proav no”

Best animated film:

  • “Holodni spirit”
  • Winner – “MMR”
  • “Monk”
  • “Najtanszy blue color”
  • “Yak razveselili samotnosci”

The audience award:

  • “11 for kids s Morshyn”
  • “Dick box”
  • “Donbas”
  • “Pozivni “Banderas”
  • “Be Useful S Nicholas”
  • “Svingeri”
  • “Sex I nichogo mast osobisty”
  • “Weaving”
  • “Tamni stannic Simon Petlura”
  • “Dzidzio First time”

It is worth noting that this year’s winner of the honourable award “Gold Jia” for contribution to development of Ukrainian cinema was the cameraman, Yuri Harmash.

“Sometimes, not only dreams, but also jokes fulfilled. I in its 70th anniversary joked that his first award was received in ‘ 72, as Conrad Hall (cinematographer known – ed.). Now I’m 72,” – said Garmash.

Note that just this year, there were 97 full-length and short films.

We will remind, earlier the General producer of the Odessa international film festival, member of the Supervisory Board of the Ukrainian Academy Julia Sinkevich told Today.Lifestyle about the features of awards, nominations and nominees.

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