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Golden Hour at Battle Harbor

Golden Hour at Battle Harbor


Back in the car, I try to get the damp out of my clothes after a series of photos under a light maritime drizzle. I take a look at my itinerary. I lost track of it after the many miles from Labrador City. 

My next stop is called Battle Harbour. This island is located an hour by boat off the village of Mary's Harbour. I will stay two days in this haven of peace, living to the rhythm of the islanders. As soon as I arrive, I familiarize myself with these extraordinary places. I visit the buildings one after the other. Some date from the early 1770s. They were mainly used for the salt fish trade and they have been restored respecting the architecture of the time. Although Battle Harbor is home to a rich heritage of natural and historical attractions, what interests me above all is to immortalize this sunset. 

In my opinion, rare are the such photogenic places. As the sun puts on its evening garb and the golden hour sets in, I tread the hills above the village.

As I forgot my tripod in the frenzy of departure, I must adjusting my technique as the sun goes down. I then use the ground as a support. The result is surprising. A foreground all in valleys gives the building in the distance a model effect. Warm colors envelop the coastal village and signal the end of the day!

Camera: Canon EOS R6

Lens: RF 24-105mm

Exposure: 1/250s at F/5.6

ISO: 250

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