“Golos Krainy 9”: what will happen in the quarterfinals of the show

Sunday will be the first live “voice of the country 9”

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"Голос країни 9": что будет в четвертьфинале шоу

“Golos Krainy 9”

On Sunday, April 7 will be the long-awaited live “Voice Krainy 9”. Finally viewers will be able to support their favorites and vote for the strongest participants, which, in their opinion, should take place in the semi-finals and to the title of “the Voice of the country 9”.

According to the rules in the quarterfinals each coach should remain at four members. In the next broadcast will be only two from each team. One singer, for whom I will give the Ukrainians the largest number of their votes, and the other will save their own coach.

"Голос країни 9": что будет в четвертьфинале шоу

The coaches show “Golos Krainy 9”

So, on April 7, fans will see bright performances of the participants that they have prepared guides to show the audience the strong voices and talents of each vocalist. People’s favorites will be performing on the new stage with incredible scenery and rooms. On stage “Voice of the country” will also be released superstar Tina Karol, Sergey Babkin, ALEKSEEV and group MOZGI, who will present their hits. Who will survive and advance to semifinals, viewers will learn this Sunday at 21:00.

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"Голос країни 9": что будет в четвертьфинале шоу

"Голос країни 9": что будет в четвертьфинале шоу

"Голос країни 9": что будет в четвертьфинале шоу


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