Gone are the product placements ? The candidates of tv-reality are increasingly leaving

Fini les placements de produits ? Les candidats de télé-réalité les délaissent de plus en plus

Gone are the product placements ? The candidates of tv-reality are increasingly leaving

Would we come to the end of the era of product placement ? The candidates of reality tv are more numerous away from this practice of advertising on social networks. In France, it is when Magali Berdah founded Shauna Events that the investment products have become legion to the influencers from the reality tv. But 2020 could slowly but surely mark the end of Instagram, with ads and coupon codes.

Towards the end of the product placements ?

The slimming pills Anaca3, the candle-My Jolie Candle, candy, Finish, kits, tooth whitening BBryance, food, fitness Foodsprings, tea, Fittea… All users of Instagram are already fallen on the coupon codes for these products. The candidates of reality tv have become influencers and multiplied the investment of products for many years. Except that the trend appears to be reversing.

This Thursday, January 9, 2020, Barbara Opsomer, who has participated to Secret Story 11 on NT1 and The Angels 10 on NRJ12, has announced to stop the product placements. “I write to you tonight to make an important announcement” has explained that that has stopped the tele-reality, “Some had noticed, and that was the case, but for some time I decided not to make any more investment products. Because it is no longer me. This is the most that I am at the present time”.

The singer has added in other teets : “I am not a saleswoman and I am sometimes to hate me to force you to buy items”. On the other hand, Barbara wants to be “a showcase for good causes, spreading the love, the friendship, the laughter and the joy. If I can influence the world as I was so often reminded, I want to strive towards the good”.

Users have mostly praised the young woman for this decision. But a part of the tweeters has reminded that before stop the product placements, it has the opportunity to make money. “She leaves the pockets well filled, however, with the investment of products,” said one of them. “The real truth is that nobody is proposing” has also pointed out another person.

This Thursday, January 9, 2020, Anthony Lyricos was also down to the product placements. The one that is currently in The Princes and Princesses of love 3 on W9 has indicated to Tv Recreation : “investment products ? There are too many m**** ! It goes in all directions, selling things bought from Ali Express and resold four times the price. There are a lot of scams. I have testimonies of people who have never received their products, and who are not able to get a refund. It is a scheme incredible. There are also too good, but in general, the influencers copy-paste the texts they post… They all do the same thing like sheep !”.

Several candidates have always hated the product placements

Prior to this new trend against the product placements that develops in the beginning of the year 2020, several candidates of reality tv had already made clear their distaste for the practice on the social networks. Bastien Grimal de Secret Story 10 is very often made fun of influencers and agencies that relate the marks and the candidates.

“Who waits with impatience for the investment Anaca3 of the day ?” had, for example, tweeted Bastos, or again : “there is Nothing like a good chain for holding a real dog case ! You also want to get ripped off and buy a product all rotten that I’ve not even tested because I need to return the box ? Go on www.sauniaevents.com and use my promo code exclusive BASTOSWITHLOVE to have 20% on this beautiful necklace, which is not even worth the 1%”.

Maeva Anissa, view in The island of truths 4 on NRJ12, has also several times down the product placements in their stories. “Frankly, there are a lot of scams out there now… there is a word called influencer, and it has become a business. Me at the time when you influenced the people, it was free” was notably dropped.

Maeva Anissa has often criticized the product placements

The ex of rapper Rohff had even added : “When I see ads or posts by friends who notice that the lipsticks sell for 40-50 euros so that we can find it everywhere for 10 euros… Or plaids at 60 euros which are the basis for 13 euros… what is the purpose ? They had a SEN sale it is for trade ? They are, or people, or business.

Moundir, a former adventurer lighthouse of Koh Lanta on TF1 and became a facilitator of Moundir and apprentices adventurers on W9, is also part of the anti-product placement. The ambassador Winamax had stated, inter alia, with a sense of humor about his weight loss : “Less is 10 pounds in 2mois 1/2, the left photo dated 13 June , there is a lot of work cardio and foncier expertise with each week of my sports nutritionist, NOT ANACA3 or CLOTHING THAT MAKE you LOSE weight”.

Interviewed by PRBK at the conference of Dancing with the stars 10, Moundir we had even confided : “I hate the promo codes and I hope that one day, all this will stop and that there will be some real influencers with real partnerships, which convey the kindness, of real products”, and recalled that a “hearing, this is not of teleshopping”.

Moundir admit to not liking the product placements

A phenomenon limited to small influencers ?

Except that here, the trend seems to focus on more “small” influencers for the moment. For them, the product placements are not as much as the candidates of reality shows like Jessica Thivenin, Carla Moreau, Julien Tanti or even Jazz. For Barbara Opsomer for example, this may represent a wage supplement. But for the biggest influencers such as Nabilla Benattia, it is their main income. The wife of Thomas Vergara had as well confessed a salary between 75 000 and 150 000 euros per month just with the investment of products on social networks (and the royalties on his last book).

A contrario, therefore, candidates for reality tv less, which are less emissions and have less subscribers can expect “only” 300 euros per post. Well pay less so they can afford to stop more easily the job of influencer.

Anthony Lyricos confirmed this idea by adding with Tv Leisure : “Me if I do, it would be investment products that fit me. I would like to highlight some of the romantic things like nice candles, small teddy bear in light… things that do no harm to health ! But anyway, this is Magali Berdah who manages it, and I believe that I am not enough ‘bankable’ for her so, suddenly I’m not interesting in his eyes”.

The investment products may therefore continue with the biggest names in reality tv, but not necessarily with people less well known and less well publicized. If the rejection seems to be already to grow, perhaps one day users will eventually get really fed up and that product placements will become as has been the bookings. Or not.

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