Good Doctor season 3 : did you know that two actors from the series who were married to in life ?

Good Doctor saison 3 : saviez-vous que deux acteurs de la série étaient mariés dans la vie ?

Good Doctor : two actors are married in the life

This Wednesday, November 13, the season 3 of Good Doctor continues on TF1 with the airing of two new episodes. In episode 4, Dr. Glassman and Debbie are going to get married after their engagement in the end of season 2. But did you know that Richard Schiff and Sheila Kelly, who play the two characters in the series, were also married in life ?

In Good Doctor, viewers can follow the professional development but also sentimental Shaun Murphy, played by Freddie Highmore. But there is not that the young doctor who has a love life ! Whereas the torque Melendez/Lim is still relevant, Dr Aaron Glassman and his bride Debbie go to step higher with their marriage in episode 4 of season 3 aired this evening on TF1.

Richard Schiff and Sheila Kelly in a relationship for 36 years !

Richard Schiff and Sheila Kelly are married to the screen… but also in life ! Yes, the two actors of Good Doctor are husband and wife in real life. They met in 1983 at an audition for a play and live for a very, very beautiful love story. Married since 1996, they are the parents of two children, Gus and Ruby, that are not actors.

In an interview with Goldderby in April last year, Richard Schiff had confided that he enjoyed a lot to play in the face of his wife in Good Doctor and revealed that the scene of the marriage proposal to the final of season 2 was his favorite scene of the series. “We played this scene many times and the creator David Shore has allowed me to resharpen. (…) We have brought a beautiful intensity to this scene. I love working with her,” told the actor.

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