Good Friday 2019: date, history and traditions of the day

When is good Friday in 2019, what is the meaning and tradition has this day

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Страстная пятница 2019: дата, история и традиции дня

Good Friday

Good Friday – the most mournful and sad day in the Orthodox calendar. During this period, I recall the events that happened over two thousand years ago and directly related to the last days of the earthly life of Jesus Christ, his crucifixion and death.

When will good Friday in 2019, what is the history and traditions of this day, check out our article.

When good Friday in 2019

Good Friday every year falls on different days and has no fixed date. The fact that good Friday is directly dependent on Easter, stepping exactly three days before her. Since Easter 2019 is celebrated on 28 April, good Friday falls on the 26th.

But Holy week, the last week of lent in 2019, will run from 22 to 27 April, culminating in the celebration of the Resurrection.

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History of good Friday

This day is named in honor of the memory of the Passions of Christ, i.e. the sufferings that Jesus Christ experienced in the last days of the earthly life, as a Divine person before his incarnation.

On Good Friday Jesus was put on trial after the betrayal by one of his disciples, Judas Iscariot. For teaching and preaching to the people He was captured and convicted and then put to execution by crucifixion on the cross. So usually executed only thieves and robbers.

On the same day happened, and the death of Jesus Christ on mount Calvary. After His death the body was removed from the cross by his disciples and buried in the rock, where on the third day, Jesus miraculously disappear and return after his Resurrection.

Thus, good Friday is a day when happened the execution of the Son of God, who according to the predictions of the old Testament, came to earth to sacrifice his life for the people atoned for their sins.

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Good Friday: traditions day

In the churches at Matins on this day the priests sequentially read out Twelve Gospels – the twelve passages that chronologically narrate the events of good Friday. Also on this day do not conduct the Liturgy. At Vespers sing particular Canon of “the crucifixion of the Lord” and take out the shroud.

In this day people observe traditions that have reached us from ancient times. On good Friday put the strict post, and can’t eat until the evening, until the Church will not make the ritual of the making of the shroud of Christ.

In memory of the events of good Friday, according to Church canons still all Fridays of the year (except holidays solid weeks) is considered to be lean days when there are certain restrictions in food.

Also a lot of restrictions imposed on homework: on Good Friday not to engage in dirty and serious work, to sew, to wash, to clean, to build and to plant, dig, and pierce the ground with stakes.

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Страстная пятница 2019: дата, история и традиции дня

Страстная пятница 2019: дата, история и традиции дня

Страстная пятница 2019: дата, история и традиции дня


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