Good Friday 2019: major signs of the day

Learn the main signs of good Friday, preserved to our time

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Страстная пятница 2019: главные приметы дня

Signs of good Friday

Holy or good Friday traditionally occurs two days before Easter. Because Easter in 2019 is celebrated on 28 April, good Friday falls on April 26.

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Good Friday 2019: date, history and traditions of the day

After Maundy Thursday, when there was all the housework, Good Friday should refuse any work, especially sewing, knitting, washing and cleaning.

On the fifth day of Holy week in the Church remember the trial, crucifixion and death of Jesus Christ. In the Orthodox Church at the morning service read 12 Gospels of the Holy Passion of Christ, and in the evening brought the shroud to sing the Canon of the crucifixion of the Lord and “the lament of the virgin”.

Good Friday fasting is particularly strict, this day decided not to eat anything until the shroud at the evening service.

We have collected for you the most popular signs on Good Friday:

  • If on Good Friday a starry sky – will be a good harvest of grain, but if the day is cloudy, “the bread will be with the weeds,” i.e., the year will be lean.
  • If you carry the bees on Good Friday, they will surely die.
  • On Good Friday you can not spit on the ground. People say that someone spit on the ground – for the entire year all saints will turn away.
  • If on Good Friday to bake Easter cake, it will not get stale and not moldy, and even cure many diseases.
  • If the baby to wean from the breast on Good Friday, the child will grow strong and healthy.
  • If on Good Friday to wash linen and hang it to dry, then it will appear the traces of blood.
  • Only parsley seed on Good Friday, gives a double harvest.
  • On Good Friday you can find out if the house damage and the “hex” thing. To do this, bypass the house with a candle, brought out of the Church. It is believed that in the place where the candle flame will begin to crack, and is enchanted object.

Earlier we talked about what not to do on Maundy Thursday 2019.

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Страстная пятница 2019: главные приметы дня

Страстная пятница 2019: главные приметы дня

Страстная пятница 2019: главные приметы дня


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