Good Friday 2019: what not to do in this day

That in no event it is impossible to do on Good Friday, to avoid trouble for the whole year

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Страстная пятница 2019: что нельзя делать в этот день

Good Friday 2019

Good Friday is the most sad and mournful day in the Orthodox calendar. Long since this day the people remembered the passion of Christ and events associated with the last days of the earthly life of Jesus Christ, His crucifixion, suffering, death and burial. In 2019 good Friday falls on April 26.

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There are many Church canons, according to which on Good Friday imposed various restrictions in the behavior of people. Also to preserved folk traditions and beliefs associated with taboos of the day.

What not to do on Good Friday: basic restrictions of the day

  • People are often interested in the question of whether to remove Good Friday. A specific prohibition, but the Church strongly recommends this sad day in prayer and repentance, not being distracted by the everyday things. But all the household chores better to plan for another time before Easter, for example – on Maundy Thursday.
  • What not to do on Good Friday is to sew, to wash and to do other dirty household work, repair, and even more to do in the area: to dig, to plant, to drive stakes into the ground and driving nails.
  • Is it possible to work on Good Friday? Because on this day in Ukraine is not officially a holiday, it is believers along with atheists have in standard mode to go to work and perform their duties. Restrictions and prohibitions on this day, relate only to domestic work.
  • Many Housewives on the eve of Passover seriously wondering if baking cakes on Good Friday, and not considered it a sin. Priests do not impose bans on the trade of PASOK and cakes in the day. Even there is a sign that the good Friday cakes will not be long to grow stale. The only reason you can not bake the cakes on Good Friday – if this activity will prevent the owner to attend a Church service. Therefore it is better to finish the preparation for the Passover on Maundy Thursday to Good Friday they don’t distract from the prayers and services.
  • On Good Friday prohibits riotous behaviour, fun, entertainment, celebrations. After all, the whole Holy week are days of special mourning. For this reason, throughout Holy week are not held baptisms, weddings and wedding.
  • This day can not fall out, to clash, to swear, to sort things out.
  • Good Friday is the strictest day of lent. For this reason, this day can not eat anything until the shroud during Church services. Then you can eat bread and drink water.

Also, believers should not hold a Good Friday as normal and ordinary a little remarkable day. It is important at this time to pray, to repent, and to reflect on the meaning of his life.

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Страстная пятница 2019: что нельзя делать в этот день

Страстная пятница 2019: что нельзя делать в этот день

Страстная пятница 2019: что нельзя делать в этот день


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